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Spiritual eye - receiving and broadcasting medium 
The spiritual eye should be developed so that it will not only see true visions of this earth life, but also visions of the luminous astral forces and universes that constitute the subtle astral cosmos. By increasing will power, and by concentrating it between the eyebrows, one can convert the spiritual eye into a mental and astral broadcasting station. The advanced yogi who is able to penetrate the star in the spiritual eye can project his consciousness into the spiritual eye of another person. He can send helpful thought vibrations to his friends or relatives in the astral world, or in the physical world, through their spiritual eyes. By the application of intuition, the spiritual eye and the heart become radio-like receiving stations, and by concentration of will power they become astral broadcasting stations. 
Voices, music, and songs pass through the space. Our thoughts similarly move through the space of cosmic consciousness. But just as no sounds can be dug out of the space without a radio, so, without the radio of the spiritual eye, the senses cannot register tactual, olfactory, gustatory, auditory, or optical sensations. 

The spiritual eye can perform two functions 
It can act as a radio-receiving apparatus, and also as broadcasting station. Intuition passing through the heart into the Spiritual eye transforms it into a receiving station. Intuition and feeling tune the spiritual eye to receive the messages of the five senses; or any messages or thought passing through the ether; or the vibratory "picture" of distant or future events. All auditory, olfactory, gustatory, and tactual vibration can be changed by concentration into visible, optical visions in the spiritual eye. The vibratory thought patterns of an incident that is to happen in the future may be present in the ether now, owing to the action of the law of cause and effect. If these fine vibrations are made to pass through a heart tuned by intuition, and are relayed to the spiritual eye, they vibrate in myriad of life atoms, organizing and arranging them into definite designs, forms, or visions of the future. Then the advanced yogi sees prismatic lights and little images materialized from the ether, or from the subconscious mind, or from superconscious mind. Likewise, the vibratory images of distantly situated persons, the electronic vibrations of their bodies and of their thought-perceptions, are passing through the ether. By thinking of and intuitively visualizing these persons in the heart, one can materialize their images in the spiritual eye, which then acts as a high-powered camera that photographs the vibrations coming through the ether and the pores of the body. Intuition opens the shutter of the opal-blue light and the star in the spiritual eye, and photographs any desired gross or subtle vibration into a distinct image. 

Eyes indicate mental state 
You are accustomed to sleep with closed eyes, and when you open your eyes, you are accustomed to beholding material phenomena; but spiritual vision is accompanied by halfopen eyes; that is, the eyes are neither fully closed nor fully open. The eyes in this state are fixed on the superconscious center at the point between the eyebrows, and the lower lids are drawn up to close the eyes half way. 
When we are looking at material things, our eyes are open three-fourth of the way; when we stare at something, the eyes become circular and fully open. During the subconscious state (as in sleep) our eyes are fully closed, generally with the eyeballs turned downward. The eyes 


yoga book   yoga book
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