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Indian Traditional System

Satya 1,728 000      Golden Age
Treta 1,296 000       Silver Age
Dwapara 864 000      Bronze Age
Kali 432 000      Iron Age
Maha Yuga 4,320,000      This is one cycle (4.32 million years)
Kalpa 4320.000.000      Thousand maha yugas (4.32 billion years)

In India's traditional system we are 5000 years into the age of Kali.

Big Bang : According to mordern science and its present estimate the physical universe came into existence some 20 Billions years ago.

Prominent Time Cycles

Based on planet Earth's rotation around its axis

Sunrise to Sunset appx.12 hrs - One day of humans
Sunset to Sunrise appx.12 hrs - One night of humans
A cycle of 24 hrs  - One day & night of humans.

Based on Moon's revolution around the Earth

14/15 days of the bright fortnight - One day of the Pitris
14/15 days of the dark fortnight - One night of the Pitris
A cycle of 28/30 days - One day & night of the Pitris

Pitris are human ancestors who dwell on Bhuvar Loka or astral plane. They dwell on the astral counter part of our physical solar system.

Based on the Earth's revolution around the Sun
As the Earth moves around the Sun in its orbit the Sun appears to move sometimes northward and sometimes southward.

Six months sun's movement to the north (Uttarayana) - One day of the Deities
Six months sun's movement to the south (Dakshinayana) - One night of the Deities
A cycle of appx. 360 days - One day & night of the Deities

Deities or Devas are advance angelic beings who have a governing role in human life and they dwell in Heaven or Lower mental plane, Svara Loka.

Based on the Sun's revolution around a Black Hole

Ascending cycle 12000 years  - Human consciousness rises higher
Descending cycle 12000 years - Human consciousness declines lower.
A cycle of appx. 24000 years -

Human civilization passes through an upward phase of evolving consciousness and a downward phase of declining consciousness.  


yoga book   yoga book
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