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energy. That means energy is the source of all matter in the universe. Now where does all the energy in the universe come from?. Science says energy came into existence from big bang, but it cannot explain what caused the big bang and how so much energy came into existence. Science of Yoga claims that all energy and by energy it means prana energy, which is the subtlest of all energies, is a product of mind. Mind produces prana energy. Mental energy or thought energy is subtler than prana energy and prana energy creates the gross energies that we are familiar in science as light, heat, electro-magnetic radiations etc. So all the energies in the universe came from the universal mind. Mind is a product of consciousness. Universal mind comes into existence from universal consciousness. Universal consciousness is not a product of anything. It is a self existent principle, beginninless and endless. From an ocean of pure infinite consciousness arises universal mind, mind creates prana. Prana creates the gross energies and gross energies condenses to become matter. This infinite ocean of pure consciousness before creation remains in an inactive, unchanging, homogenous state one without a second. This state is known as Para Brahman, Nirguna Brahman or Impersonal God. In the Vedas God is referred to as Om Tat Sat. This is the Sat aspect of God. God in this aspect is defined as, ‘Satchidananda' Sat- Chit- Ananda or absolute existence, absolute consciousness and absolute bliss. It is self- existent and self- luminous. It is the Light of all lights. From this state the whole creation comes into existence and into this state the created universe merges back at the time of cosmic dissolution. Creation of the universe and its dissolution goes on cyclically without beginning and without end. Beginning of creation refers to one of the cycles and the end also refers to the same cycle. 

When God in His impersonal, inactive, unchanging aspect desires to create, then at that time this desire in His mind is expressed as, ‘Eko Ham Bahu Syama' ‘I am one let Me be many'. With this desire He transforms a part of Himself which is essentially Nirguna into Saguna. Saguna means in association with the Gunas. This God in association with the Gunas is the Personal God the object of all love, devotion and surrender. This Personal God is also essentially formless but takes on any form in accordance with the taste and understanding of the devotee. This personal God is referred to as Saguna Brahman or Ishwara or Paramatman or Narayana or Shiva. He is the creator and the Lord of the universe. This personal God is a limited aspect of the Impersonal God. From God's point of view it is limited but from human point of view it is still infinite and limitless. This personal God for the purpose of creation divides Itself into two polar opposites and becomes two different intelligent entities. These two different intelligent entities are known in different Indian philosophies differently. In Tantra it is known as Shiva and Shakti; In Vedanta Ishwara and Maya; In Yoga, Purusha and Prakriti. In modern scientific language Consciousness and Energy. Psychologically consciousness becomes the subjective seer or experiencer or enjoyer and the other the energy becomes the object to be seen or experienced or enjoyed. From gender point of view the subjective experiencer has been given a male gender and is referred to as the Heavenly Father and the object to be experienced as female and is known as the Divine Mother. Consciousness is the unchanging principle and Energy is the constantly changing principle in the universe. Energy is the universal womb in which all creation comes into existence and 


yoga book   yoga book
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