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Five sense organs of cognition or Gyanendriyas 
The sattwic aspect of Ahamkara creates along with manas another five different types of grosser universal energies. These energies are responsible for creating the five sense organs of cognition in all sentient entities. 

Five sense organs of action or Karmendriyas 
The rajasic aspect of ahamkara creates the universal energies that is responsible for creating the five organs of action in sentient entities. These organs help in the interaction with all objects in the universe. 

Five Tanmatras 
The tamasic aspect of ahamkara creates five still grosser energies called Tanmatras. These tanmatras are known as sound, touch, color, taste and smell. These tanmatras are universal energies whose quintuplication (a fixed type of combination )creates the well known Pancha Bhutas the five fundamental elements that creates all the matter we are aware of. 

Pancha Bhutas ( Five great elements) 
The pancha bhutas are akash (space), vayu (air or prana), agni (fire), apah (water) and prithvi (earth). The pancha bhutas create the human body. All the objects in the universe is a product of these five grossest energies that creates the gross matter with which we are familiar. So mahat, ahamkara, manas, five senses of cognition, five senses of action, five tanmatras and five bhutas are the 23 created elements and along with Mula prakriti the elements become the well known 24 elements that goes into the structure of the universe and all the objects that it contains. 

Brahma the creator 
When Ishwara or Heavenly Father willed to create, his omnipotent will impregnated Mula Prakriti the Divine mother and activated the dormant gunas within her. The gunas gets activated and begins acting and interacting with each other. The three gunas are symbolically represented as the three Cosmic Deities Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva (Fig-100). These three Deities are the children of the Divine Mother. The rajasic energy within Mula Prakriti gives the impulse to all creation and activities. This energy is personified as Brahma the creator, the sattwic energy is Vishnu and the tamasic energy is Shiva. Brahma is the first of the created beings whose task given to him by the Divine couple is to create the universe. In the beginning Brahma was not aware of how to create. He meditated for 100 Divine years to become aware of how the universe existed in the previous cyclic creation. He therefore patterned the present universe in according to and similar to what existed earlier. He first created the 23 cosmic elements from Mahat to the five Pancha Bhutas. Thereafter, using these elements as the building material he created Satya Loka the highest plane of existence in this universe. (See Kundalini Yoga- Structure of the universe) This is the plane where he himself resides. In one grand portion of Satya loka he established his residence and called it Brahma Loka. Similarly Vishnu and Shiva also has their abodes in Satya Loka. Having created this Satya loka or the causal plane he brought into existence divine causal beings to populate the plane creating them mentally. These mentally created causal beings populating Satya Loka are called Prajapatis or creators of other lower forms of living beings. Brahma himself 


yoga book   yoga book
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