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is the first of these prajapatis. Brahma then delegates his power of creation to these prajapatis whom he created mentally. These prajapatis then created the higher astral planes known as Tapa, Jana and Mahar and also created the higher living beings to populate these planes. These higher beings are generally known as Rishis and Maharishis. They all have the power to create mentally. Thereafter, Brahma with the help of Prajapatis and the Rishis created the lower astral planes and the physical plane known as Svara, Bhuvara and Bhu Loka. These three planes are lower planes where beings live in a state of ignorance. Different types of living beings were brought into existence and allotted specific parts of these three lower planes. 
In the physical plane and on our planet earth vegetable life forms were created first, thereafter animal life forms and after that human beings were created. Besides humans many other types of astral beings were also created and made to inhabit different parts of the lower astral planes. Life on planet earth did not evolve as we are told in Darwin's theory. Darwin's theory states that the bodies of living beings gradually evolve from lower forms to more advance forms by cell mutations and natural selection. Science of Yoga claims that the bodies do not evolve, they are specifically created and then reproduced sexually. One type of body do not change into another type.The soul residing in the body moves from a lower form to a higher form. The evolution is not of the body but of the soul which is changing the bodies as per its evolutionary needs. The soul in its evolutionary journey evolves from the lowest mineral forms to vegetable forms then to animal forms and thereafter moves on to the human form. Life forms on planet earth were created either by the higher beings of the higher astral worlds or advanced beings from different parts of our galactic system. The original pairs of each species of being on planet earth were mentally created. There after the species were made to propagate sexually. The sexual instinct were given to the species so that they create profusely and quickly. The bodies of the original pair or a few pairs of human beings were also mentally created. These human beings were created in the image of the higher Divine beings and they had the power to create offsprings mentally. Human body is very specifically designed and is the only body in which the souls can become aware of their Divine soul nature. When the human bodies were created souls from the astral worlds were given these bodies for higher spiritual growth. Also evolving souls from the higher animal forms were lifted up and given the human bodies. The souls from the astral worlds having obtained a human body desired to use that body for higher spiritual growth and did not wish to create offsprings. They became the original renunciantes. Many of these pure souls were later instructed by Brahma and higher beings to produce off springs sexually so that new bodies are created and the process goes on. The souls that were lifted from the animal bodies and placed in the human bodies subconsciously recollected their past sexual method of creation. They got tempted and proceeded with the sexual method of creation. This story of temptation is recorded in the Bible. The sexual method of creation in the human species is partly due to temptation and partly because of instructions from the higher beings who created us. The stories of creation in the Bible and in the Hindu mythologies is generally taken as Gospel truth by their respective adherents. It has to be clear that these stories have been mostly misunderstood, sometimes grossly misrepresented or translated and also often these stories are allegorical in nature. So the stories should not be taken literally. Also they should not be rejected totally as modern science tends to do. They must be 


yoga book   yoga book
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