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They require the gentlest exercises. Vata people are fast moving and they are attracted to active sports but quieter exercises are better for them. Sun salutation 12 cycles, done very slowly. All exercises that stretch the pelvic area is good. All forward bends, back bends, spinal twists, plow, camel, locust, cat stretch, leg lifts. Ujjayi or nadi shodhana pranayama is good for vatas.

The whole of life's journey is divided into three stages. From birth to age 16 the childhood is the kapha age. Children's bodies are growing and building up their structure so kapha dosha is predominant. Their bodies are soft and gentle qualities of kapha, they require more sleep than adults and they are more susceptible to cold and congestion.

From 16 to 50 or adulthood is the age of pitta. Adults are more competitive, aggressive and ambitious. They need less sleep, they work hard and fall prey to disorders like gastritis, colitis and peptic-ulcers.

From 50 to the end of life or old age is the age of vata. Elderly people sleep quiet less, they get joint pains, degenerative diseases and suffer from forgetfulness all vata disorders. Therefore, it is clear that age and stage of life have to be considered to keep the doshas in balance and the body healthy

Increased vata is associated with anxiety, insecurity, fear, restlessness, nervousness, confusion and grief and sadness.
Increased pitta is associated with anger, envy, ambition, criticism, competitiveness, judgmental, sharp speech, perfectionism and the need to be in control.
Increased kapha is associated with greed, attachment, possessiveness, boredom, laziness and lethargy.

Emotions have an affinity with certain organs. Grief and sadness with the lungs and the heart. Anger with liver and hatred with gall bladder. Fear with the kidneys. Nervousness is associated with the colon and the stomach is the home of agitation and temptation.

Ayurveda gives definite suggestions about the role of sex in our lives. Sex is related with the constitution. Kaphas with their strong body can have sex twice a week. Pittas once a week. Vatas should resort to sex less, twice a month. Too frequent sex reduces ojas the body's vital energy. It also aggravates vata. To restore and replenish ojas a nourishing drink like almond milk is good. The best time for sex is between 10 and 11 pm. Sex in the morning and day time is not recommended. 


yoga book   yoga book
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