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This Brahman is the only God of the Hindus, other God's and Goddesses are all His selfmanifestations. To the Hindus, God is not only one but He alone exists. There is nothing that is not Him. Everything good or bad is all His self-manifestations. The other two aspects of His being are connected with the created universe. 

The created universe has two things 

  • An unchanging principle. 

  • An ever changing principle. 

The unchanging principle is the soul of the universe. It is the cosmic soul. It is the second aspect of God's being. The changing principle is the universe itself. This is the third aspect of God's being and can be considered as His body. The unchanging principle is given a masculine gender in Hindu mythology and the changing principle is given a feminine gender. In different Hindu philosophies these two principles have been given two different names. 
The names are 

  • Shiva /Shakti - Tantra Philosophy 

  • Purusha /Prakriti - Sankhya and Yoga Philosophy 

  • Ishwara /Maya - Vedanta Philosophy 

  • Father/Mother - Bhakti Philosophy 

These two principles can be understood as Consciousness and Energy in our modem scientific language. In the human being as well as all life forms the soul is the unchanging principle; a small aspect of the Cosmic Soul and the body and mind is the changing principle a small aspect of God's body. These three aspects of God are referred to in the Hindu scriptures as Om Tat Sat. The Christian trinity refers to these three aspects as: 

  • Transcendental aspect                - Sat        - Heavenly Father 

  • Unchanging Immanent aspect     - Tat        - Only Begotten Son 

  • Changing Immanent aspect         - Om       - Holy Ghost 

God as the Soul/Self 

  • Mamai vamsho jeevaloke jeevabhutah sanatanah (BG Ch 15, Sl-7) A small part of My eternal cosmic consciousness acts as a soul in the bodies of all living beings. 

  • Ahamatma Gudakesha sarvabhutashayasthitah (BG Ch 10, Sl-20) I am the soul situated in the bodies of all living beings. 

Four Types of devotees 

  • Chatur vidha bhajante mam janah sukritino'rjuna Arto jignyasur artharthi gyani cha bharatarshabha. (BG Ch 7, Sl 16) My devotees are of four types. Those who are in distress (Arta); those who seek wealth, power, property or enjoyment (Artharthi); seeker's of Truth (Jignyasu); Knower's of Truth (Gyani). 


yoga book   yoga book
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