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Worshippers of Deities 

  • Ye'pi anya devata bhakta yajante shraddhayanvitah, Te'pi mam eva kaunteya yajanty avidhipurvakam (BG Ch 9, Sl-23) 
    Those who worship the Deities (God's lower manifestations ) with faith, that worship is also My worship though done not in the right way. The right way to worship God is not in the form of any of His manifestations as a Deity but in His infinite, Nameless and Formless aspect. Nevertheless He accepts all worship of Deities as indirect worship of Him. 

  • Yanti devabratah devan, pitrin yanti pitrivratah, Bhutani yanti bhutejyah madyajjinopi mam. (BG Ch 9, Sl-25) 
    Those who worship the Deities go to the high astral worlds of the Deities; those who worship the ancestors go to the lower astral worlds where the ancestors dwell. Those who worship the ghosts or the lower demonic spirits or the elemental spirits go to their places. Those who worship God in His transcendental aspect reach the transcendental abode. 

Qualities in Devotees dear to God 

  • Advesta sarva bhutanam maitrah karuna eva cha, Nirmamo nirahankarah sama duhkha sukha kshami. 
    Santushtah satatam yogi yatatma dridha nischayah,Mayyarpita mano buddhi yo mad bhakta sa me priyah. (BG Ch 12, Sl-13,14) 
    One who is free from hatred, friendly and compassionate to all, is free of ego consciousness and possessiveness is even minded in suffering and joy and forgiving. One who is ever contended, a diligent practitioner of yoga, possessed of determination, with mind and intelligent surrendered to Me, is dear to Me. 

  • Yo na hrishyati na dveshti na shochati na kankshati, Shubhashubha parityagi bhaktiman yah sa me priya. (BG Ch 12, Sl-17) 
    One who neither rejoices in the good nor hates the bad aspects of life; who is free from grief and desiring, one who has renounced the idea of seeing the relative good and evil and devoted to Me is dear to Me. 

  • Samah shatrau cha mitre cha tatha man apamanayoh, Shitoshna sukha duhkhesu samah sanga vivarjitah; 
    Tulya ninda stutir mauni santushto yena kenachit 
    Aniketa sthiramatir bhaktiman me priyo narah. (BG Ch 12, Sl-18, 19) 
    One who is equal in attitude towards friends and enemies also in honor and dishonor, heat and cold, happiness or unhappiness who has given up all attachment. One who is equal in blame and praise, who is quiet and easily contended, not attached to the comfort of home, of calm disposition and devotional is dear to Me. 

Development of love for God - It's stages 
Love for God manifests in the human heart in a slow gradual way. This love passes through five distinct stages corresponding to various expressions of love on the plane of human life. 


yoga book   yoga book
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