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Akrodh (Absence of anger) 
Absence of anger is the quickest way to peace of mind. Anger is caused by the obstruction of one's desires. A desireless man has no anger. One who does not expect anything from others but who looks to God for all fulfillments cannot feel wrath towards his fellow men or disappointment in them. A sage is content in the knowledge that the Lord is running the universe and never considers anything has been done amiss. He is free from rage, animosity and resentment. This is a world of relativity. Saints sometimes adapt their actions to suit certain circumstances. They may seem to get angry with someone if they feel that will help the person to get away from the action. Sages however feel no hatred towards anyone however wicked and ignorant. The most common disturbance of peace in families or among nations is anger. A man prone to anger is shunned and often hated by his associates. Frequent outburst of anger has a bad effect on one's health and often lead to violence. 

Tyaaga (Renunciation) 
This path is followed by the wise devotee who renounces lesser joys of the senses for the greater bliss of the spirit. He relinquishes passing sense pleasures for the eternal joys. Renunciation is not an end in itself but clears the ground for the manifestation of soul qualities. To engage in action without desire for their fruits is real renunciation. Lord Krishna says, "Tyaagat shaanti anantaram" From renunciation comes extreme peace. 

Apaishunam (Absence of fault finding) 
This quality hasten's one spiritual development. By freeing the mind from concentration on the fault of others to focus fully on the full time job of bettering oneself. Evil minded disparagers-gossipers and slanderers embrace the false notion that they can make themselves taller by cutting off the heads of others. On the contrary, there is no greater diminishment of character than in such a behavior. A person who takes pleasure in slandering and backbiting never knows the happiness of helping others by wise council and encouragement. Renunciation discourages and angers the wrong doer. In their hearts most men are aware of their weaknesses, they cannot be healed by caustic irritants of castigation but only by the soothing salve of love. 

Dayaa (Compassion) 
The cultivation of this heart quality is an essential ingredient for any spiritual seeker. This trait enables the devotee to put themselves in the place of others and feel their suffering and try to alleviate it. 

Maardavam (Gentleness) 
It is characterized by spiritual patience. God is ever gentle with His erring children and unoffended, remains quiet when they revile or ignore Him. A gentle person attracts friends and also attracts the Lord. A spiritually patient man does not feel ill will towards anyone, even the most evil. 

Hri (Modesty) 
This is the power to feel shame at one's wrong doing and to be willing to correct oneself. Devotees who exaggerate their spiritual attainments desists from a deep search for selfrealization. Scriptures teach that modesty about one's body is a special ornament. Overtly 


yoga book   yoga book
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