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happens is always for good. It was because of his cut finger that his head got saved. He felt sorry for his bad treatment to him. He came back, apologized to Birbal and restored him back to his ministership. A question however lingered in his mind. He decided to clarify it from Birbal. He asked Birbal, ‘is this your philosophy that whatever happens is always for good that whatever God does is always good?'. Birbal said yes, my Lord I always think and feel like this. This is my philosophy it is true. Then Birbal please tell me yesterday you spend a whole day in utter misery for no fault of your's. How is this good for you? Birbal with a hearty smile replied, ‘Yes it was surely good for me. Last evening had you not punished me then while going out for a stroll you would have asked me to accompany you. Both of us would have gone to the jungle. Both of us would have got lost in the jungle. The tribals would have caught both of us. They however, would have left you because of your cut finger but they would have chopped my head off. So a day without food and light is better than head being chopped off.' 

Two birds on a tree 
There was a big tree full of fruits. Some of these fruits were very sweet others not so sweet and some decidedly very sour. There were two birds perched on this tree. One a big bird that sat on top of the tree. It was calm, steady not hopping from branch to branch and sat majestically on top. The other bird a small one perched itself on a lower branch at the bottom. This bird was restless, chirping all the time and hopping from branch to branch tasting the fruits. When it tasted a sweet fruit it felt very happy and enjoyed itself but soon it tasted one of the bitter fruits and felt very bad and unhappy. At that moment it looked up at the big bird and saw its calm and peaceful presence and felt uplifted and desired to be like that bird. It hopped up to a higher branch trying to move towards the big bird but soon forgot everything about the big bird and once again got involved in tasting the fruits at this higher level. Again as it tasted a bitter fruit it felt sad and at that moment it looked up and saw the big bird again felt uplifted and desired to be like that bird. It hopped up a bit more on the tree. Once again soon he forgot the big bird. Like this the small bird ever time it tasted a sweet fruit it enjoyed itself and ever time it tasted a bitter fruit looked up felt uplifted and hopped up the tree to a higher level. Rising up level to level at one moment the small bird found itself sitting very near to the big bird. Now its mind is no longer running after the fruits but is steadily concentrating on the big bird. Suddenly the small bird found that it is as if dying and disappearing into the big bird. Soon the small bird realized that all along it was always the big bird it was only dreaming itself as the small bird. What existed all along was the big bird, the small bird and its existence was only a dream in the mind of the big bird. We are like the small bird. We will all someday realize that we are actually the big bird, eternal, immortal, spirit beings dreaming the existence of this small , limited human personality. 

Premature grace not beneficial 
A holy monk was spending his days gracefully in a Himalayan cave. One day he saw a rat in his cave. He took pity on the small creature thinking it will take a long time for the rat to evolve into a human being. So he decided to have mercy on the poor creature and transformed the rat into a small little girl. Day by day the girl grew bringing great joy to his heart. As the girl came of marriageable age he started looking for a suitable bridegroom. He was very 


yoga book   yoga book
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