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machines. They are very soon going to invent another machine and will call it thoughtron. At this moment the machine is not available there but it is available with me. In this machine all your thoughts are recorded. Please do listen to them. The monk kept quiet. The thought CD was played back. The monk as he was chanting the mantra OM OM OM also came out with outbursts of anger at the prostitute. His mind was most of the time accusing her of her dirty work and how dirty she was and what a dirty soul she was and how his life is getting soiled by her presence. His meditations were very little on the mantra but mostly on the prostitute. So for this mental karma he has to be in Hell. Now the Lord told the monk look at the prostitute's karma. With her body she did something wrong as you rightly know. So see how on planet Earth her body has been thrown into the gutters and nobody is there to cremate her body and do the last rituals. But now look to her mental karma. Day after day as she was doing her prostituting work her mind was always on you and your holiness. She always in her mind thought very good about you and desired to be like you. She occupied her mind with all the good and positive thoughts, loving thoughts and sincerely longed to do what you were supposed to be doing. So that was her mental karma for which she has been rewarded. 

Desires are insatiable 
Once a Christian mystic lay dying on his bed praying to Lord Jesus. My Lord he prayed earnestly, in this life I always suffered from an acute stomach problem as a result I could never enjoy my life. Please be so kind enough to give me a better stomach in my next life. Jesus was a bit surprised at this strange request. He expected the dying man to ask for salvation or at least a reward in Heaven. He however asked for a good stomach. It is like approaching a king and asking for a few cents. Well what could Jesus do. He said amen. In his next life this man had a very rich appetite but in this life he was born in a poor family. Good stomach but no money to satisfy its needs. So again a miserable life. Lying in death bed in this life he is once again praying to Jesus. My Lord you gave me a good stomach in this life but you put me in a poor family. Please in the next life give me a prosperous and wealthy family. Jesus was not happy with this silly request but what can he do? That's the desire. He said amen. Next life the man was now born in a wealthy family with a healthy appetite and so from the very beginning went about enjoying life and all the good foods that he so much desired. Soon however he realized that enjoying alone is not so enjoyable. He therefore started looking for a companion. But in that life his appearance was such that nobody got attracted to him. So again a miserable life. Lying in death bed he is praying my Lord you gave me what I asked last time but you made my appearance so bad that nobody got attracted to me. My Lord why don't you give me a body as handsome as yours. You are so beautiful so handsome. I wish to have a body like yours. I shall be extremely grateful. What could Jesus do he said amen. Next life he was born wealthy, handsome and with a good appetite. In this life he found a beautiful companion very soon and married her. The wife however died after few years leaving him alone and sad in that life. Lying in death bed he is again calling on Jesus. My Lord you gave me a wife but can you not give me a long lasting wife? Jesus said amen. So in the next life he had a very pleasing and long lasting wife. But then when the wife is too long lasting what happens to the mind. The mind wants young, fresh body. So he is again praying to Jesus, my Lord is it not possible for you to give me two wives, one long 


yoga book   yoga book
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