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Characteristics of each body type
Having determined the body-type (body-mind constitution)one has to learn interpret it. Our body-type is the mold in which we are cast but it does not contain our fate. Being tall or short, indecisive or determined, anxious or calm is to be a type, yet there are many things that our body type does not control like thoughts, emotions, talents, desires etc. These affect the body-type but the body-type does not control these. Essential characteristics of the different body-types are given below:

Characteristics of Vata- Type

  •  Light, thin built. Finds difficulty in gaining weight, remains chronically underweight.

  • Performs activity quickly, like walking or eating quickly.

  • Irregular hunger and digestion. Irregular sleeping habits.

  • Tendency to worry, rather compulsive worrying or thinking.

  • Mental or physical energy comes in bursts.

  • Tires easily, tendency to over exert.

  • Tendency to forget easily.

  • Frequent alteration in moods, unpredictable nature.

  • Tendency towards constipation or gas formation.

  • Under pressure they grow exited and anxious.

  • Display bursts of emotion that are short lived and quickly forgotten.

The basic nature of vata-type is changeability, unpredictability and variability.

Characteristics of Pitta-Type

  • Medium built, strength and endurance.

  • Sharp hunger and thirst, strong digestion, cannot skip meals.

  • Sharp intellect, precise articulate speech, but often rude.

  • Enterprising character, likes challenges.

  • Tendency towards anger and irritability under stress.

  • Ambition, sharp wit, out-spoken, argumentative.

  • Orderly management of money, energy, time, actions.

  • Averse to long exposures to the sun, cannot do hard physical labor.

  • Impatient, demanding and perfectionist.

  • Baldness, thinning or receding hairline, tendency to gray prematurely.

  • Skin is warm, soft and fair, often freckled and does not tan easily.

The basic nature of Pitta-type is intensity in all actions.

Characteristics of Kapha-Type

  • Solid, powerful build, great physical strength and endurance.  

yoga book   yoga book
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