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Gems and stones contain healing energies that can be activated by wearing them as rings or necklaces or by placing them in water and drinking the water the following day. Gems enliven the chakras and have a direct effect on the doshas. They may be used to pacify or activate specific organs of the body or enhance or neutralize the effects of particular planets in the birth chart. Gems tend to absorb the qualities and energy vibrations of their owners. It is beneficial to purify any stone before using it. Soaking it for two days in saltwater or milk should be sufficient. The gem stone has to touch the skin when used. 

The stone is worn as follows:

Diamond, red coral, opal
Pearl, emerald
Yellow sapphire
Blue sapphire
 -         ring finger
 -         little finger
 -         index finger
 -         middle finger.

It is best to use authentic, unprocessed stones without a flaw or crack. Stones should be 3 to 5 karats. Diamond can be of 1 karat. 

This represents the sun. It promotes longevity specially for vata and kapha and brings prosperity. It strengthens the heart and mental power. Garnet is the poor man's ruby. 

This represents the moon. They have a cooling and healing vibration. Pearls are balancing to all the doshas but best for pitta. They give mental peace and tranquility. 

Yellow sapphire 
This stone represents Jupiter and brings grounded ness, stability and wisdom. It pacifies vata and pitta. Yellow topaz is the poor man's sapphire. 

Blue sapphire 
This represents saturn. It calms vata and kapha. 

This represents mercury. It calms vata and pitta and relieves nervousness. It improves writing skills, power of speech and intelligence. 

This represents venus and help to create a close bond in relationships. It combats premature aging, enhances span of life and strengthens immunity. It draws subtle energy to the heart, brain and deeper tissues. It is the best stone for rejuvenation. These stones stimulate shukra the body's reproductive cells. Diamonds of low quality can have negative effect on the body. 

Red coral 
This represents mars. It calms pitta and helps to control anger, hatred and jealousy. It brings energy to the liver and spleen. 

This represents Neptune. It strengthens majja and shukra bone marrow and reproductive cells. It improves vision, calms pitta. Increases devotion, and unfolds intuition. 


yoga book   yoga book
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