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Advanced Yoga Study ( By Swami Dharmananda
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To Rishikesh we came from different lands
And fell spell bound in your embracing hands;
Hooked in this Ved Niketan space
Sacred teachings came pouring and so much grace.

Besides this today we all now know
There's a man to whom we can all go;
A story-teller, an actor and who make others sing
A knower of Truth, a teacher and a spiritual king.

Here we came in a moment of confusion
We leave in bliss, no more illusion;
Swamiji thank you and hope to see you soon
If not, may be we will see you on the moon.

Eternal, immortal, blissful, souls
(Karen, Andrea, Elisabeth, Ganga, Marie, Michal)



My thirsty soul a seed with potential
Was hankering for some wisdom special;
A source of water it was earnestly seeking
Nourishment and growth it was deeply longing.

I heard the call of the holy Ganges
I heard the call of the Himalayan sages;
I heard the call of my heart's devotion
Your words Swamiji filled my soul with great passion.

Passion for the love of God
Passion for the joy of life;
Passion for loving service
Passion for dedicated teaching. 


yoga book   yoga book
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