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Life is interdependent

From modern science we have understood that plant life, animal life and human life are all intimately connected and are interdependent. Beyond human life there are many other higher forms of life. Human life is also connected and is interdependent on these higher forms of life. When we become aware of them and do our duties towards them, then we receive much help, guidance and blessings from them.

Life is a small link in a big chain
Human life is not one. We have existed in the past and we will exists in the future. Our present life and its circumstances are to a great extent affected for good or for bad by the past. This effect coming from the past cannot readily be changed and therefore we have to learn to accept it and bear it.

Life is eternal
We as souls have eternal life. At death only the physical body dies. Death is not an annihilation of our personality but just a change of the outer garment and existence in a different place.

Life is a cosmic play (Lila)
The purpose of all life is play, fun, enjoyment, entertainment. It also involves an evolutionary growth. The play has its rules. When we disobey the rules knowingly or unknowingly we get into pain and suffering.

Life ends in self knowledge
Human life its pain and suffering ends in self knowledge. When we realize our essential divine nature and become aware of it human life comes to an end. We move on in a super human level of existence where life is blessed and all the pain known in human life is non-existent.

Spiritual understanding of life
The purpose of human life is to regain the lost awareness of its essential divine status of being an eternal, immortal, blissful spirit being with cosmic consciousness. Non awareness of this central truth binds every human being in a repeated cycle of numerous births and deaths and confines us to a lower plane of existence where pain, suffering and misery is felt very intensely.

The whole universe with all its contents both sentient and insentient in a gigantic Cosmic Being. We as human beings are a sentient being living within the body of the great Cosmic Being somewhat similar to a microbe living inside the body of a human being. We as human beings are not separate and are definitely not independent of the Cosmic Being but we do feel in our minds a sense of separateness and independence. This feeling of separation caused by our ego or limited body consciousness is our great dilemma.

Millions of different life forms inhabit our planet Earth and trillions of life forms exist in different galaxies, different solar systems and innumerable planetary systems in the physical universe, astral universe and the causal universes. Each life form is animated by a soul. Each soul is on an evolutionary journey to regain the lost awareness of its cosmic status. The soul first moves in an involutionary journey where it loses its cosmic awareness and becomes 

yoga book   yoga book
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