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identified with a small limited physical body that it occupies. Through an upward evolutionary journey the soul passes through 8.4 million sub-human species before it receives a human body. It is through the medium of the human body that the soul regains its lost awareness. The involutionary journey and the subsequent evolutionary journey of the soul is part of an infinite sporting activity or "Lila" of God.

The Cosmic Being referred above is God in His manifested form and is generally given a feminine gender in Hindu mythology and is understood as the Divine Mother. Durga, Kali, Shakti, Maya, Prakriti, Gayatri, Jagadamba, Jagatjanani are some of the common names by which this aspect of God is referred to. God in His unmanifested aspect beyond the created universe is the Heavenly Father and is referred to as Para Brahman, Paramatman, Purusha, Shiva etc.


Smile my dear smile
Look into the mirror;
And learn to smile
Smile my dear smile.


Smile a loving smile
Smile a warm smile;
Smile a knowing smile
Smile an affectionate smile;
Smile an understanding smile
Smile a friendly smile.

When you look at somebody smile
When you are tired smile;
When you are annoyed smile
When you are sad smile;
When you are alone smile
When in company


Many ailments will get cured as you smile
Tensions and fatigue get released with a smile;
Hard feelings and enmity ceases with a smile
All boredom vanishes with a smile.

Light up your face with a smile
Bring more energy in the body with a smile;
Do everything in your life with a smile
Let God reflect in you in your smile.


yoga book   yoga book
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