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Mother As First Guru ( By Swami Gurupremananda Saraswati
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Universal Truth, Heaven – whatever you wish to call such states of existence, where there is no dualism. It is from out of this infinite formless state that any new creation, human or otherwise, comes. Getting in touch with that aspect of something beyond ourselves is one of the outcomes of meditations working with Sahasrara.

Bindu Visarga
   From the beyond-ness of Sahasrara, the first spark of creation manifests through the doorway of Bindu Visarga. Bindu means a point or drop and Visarga means falling, so Bindu Visarga is the falling drop. It is also called the gateway to beyond or a trap door to the source. Just as a drop of rain falls from the sky, our individual children are said to come from out of the infinite. In tantric symbolism, Bindu is pictured as a drop of semen (a male symbol) over a crescent moon (a female symbol). The moon is of course a controlling factor in a woman's fertility cycle, so this symbolism is truly apt. In the reverse way, when things start to die they are gradually reduced to a point, past which they disappear into the formless void again.
   Many religions and spiritual cultures recognise the importance of this area for communication with realms beyond the human form. It is a two-way door, of course. In one direction, the aspiring yogi tries to enter the beyond-ness in their meditations, and in the other direction they try to bring the beyond-ness back into their everyday activities.
   At the time when a potential child has be-come separate from the cosmic consciousness and conception has manifested at the level of Bindu, they have already made an advanced booking with their parents! That child will have just passed through that point of creation from out of the infinite.

Ajna Chakra
   Once the psychic female and male seeds of a child are conceived at Bindu, the conception becomes further solidified in the minds of his parents, and awareness of that creation is discernible at the mid eyebrow centre. Ajna is the guru chakra, the mind's command centre where the parents come to realise that they are commanded by the child to manifest it, and also that they are to be the gurus or guides of that child for its journey downwards to the birth. Ajna is the first chakra of the conscious / rational mind. From this time you can know rationally that you are pregnant at the mental level. At this point you have a child of the mind. You can visualise that child, you can feel at one with it as well as separate from it.

   Ajna is the chakra where the two kinds of shakti, mental and physical, unite. The journey from here down can now become verbal, emotional and eventually physical. During ascent of Kundalini, it is at Ajna that the individual’s ego becomes dissolved. In reverse, with descent of kundalini consciousness, at Ajna the ego, the I-ness of the child is first formed. Becoming conscious of reproduction occurring at this level is most valuable to the parents, since it is here that the child's individual nature can be realised well in advance of sexual union and birth. During gestation in Ajna, your baby will be patterned by your own mental states, hence it is important to be clear and healthy in the mind during this stage.

Vishuddhi Chakra
   At Vishuddhi, the throat chakra, the concep-tion will become verbal. You and your partner will talk about it. If you have not been aware of the conception already occurring at the more subtle levels, and have not been aware of your own dreams and intimate thoughts, you may think you are having a conversation about it for the first time! If you are both agreeable, a verbal arrangement may be made which suits your life. The conception has already been under way for some time – it is just that you have not realised it up until now. During this period the senses of hearing and speech are psychically developed in your baby. Vishuddhi is the centre for purifica-tion, of discerning nectar from poison, so a program of bodily, mental and lifestyle cleansing is most advantageous during this time.

Anahata Chakra
   Anahata is physically located behind the heart centre, and is known as the heart chakra. We all know that the heart is where we feel and respond to love. Manifestation of energy at Anahata causes love in its many forms: friendship, romance, maternal, paternal, filial (friendship), fraternal (brotherly), empathetic and loving partnerships, compassion for other creatures, devotion and ultimately divine worship. It is here that Shakti marries Shiva and they worship each other as equal God and Goddess.
   At this level of conception you will begin to “feel” the idea of having a baby and want very much to make love for it. Your own devotion towards parenting is imprinted into the baby during this period, and hence it is important that your love making is a worship between Shiva and Shakti. Ideally, when a woman seeks a partner to be the father of her child she must have such a relationship based on this higher love. The symbol of the heart chakra is the 6 pointed star (Star of David) which is simply the union of a

yoga book   yoga book
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