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Mother As First Guru ( By Swami Gurupremananda Saraswati
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Nasal cleansing

Jala Neti - using waterDugdha Neti - using milkGhrita Neti - using gheeSwamootra Neti - using one's own urineSutra Neti - using a cord or catheter

Cleansing of the alimentary canal and head

Danta Moola Dhauti - teeth and gums cleansing
Chaksua Dhauti - eye cleansing
Kama Dhauti - ear cleansing
Jihwa Dhauti - tongue cleansing
Kapal Randhra Dhauti - scalp cleansing
Danda Dhauti - cleaning the oesophagus
Vyaghra Dhauti - emptying the stomach
Vaman Dhauti or Kunjal Kriya - stomach cleansing with water
Vastra Dhauti - stomach cleansing with cloth
Vahnisar Dhauti or Agnisar Kriya - stomach cleansing by panting air
Vatsara Dhauti or Bhujangi Mudra - stomach cleansing by burping air
Moola Danti or Mool Shodhan - anus cleansing with tumeric root
Varisara or Shankaprakshalana - flushing the GIT

Abdominal purification through churning

Madhyama - isolating central abdominal muscles
Vama - isolating the left abdominal muscles
Dakshina - isolating the right abdominal muscles
Rotational - rotation of left and right

Frontal brain purification

Vatkrama Kapalbhati - using air
Vyutkrama Kapalbhati - using water
Sheetkrama Kapalbhati - using water

Colon cleansing

Sthal Basti - using air
Jala Basti - using water

Purification of the optic faculties

Done by steady gazing on an object

Table 1 - Hatha Yoga Shatkarmas

Today, with our sedentary lifestyles, polluted air, impure water and poor food quality, these traditional methods can be used just as effectively for cleansing the human body as well as the psyche. The prevalence of common respiratory, digestive and reproductive ailments strongly indicates that our bodies are just not able to deal with our current breathing, eating and lifestyle habits.
   I want to make clear that I do not include the internal cleansing techniques in this book because I advocate a puritanical mindset, body or lifestyle. I do not consider that internal cleansing should be employed because we are "dirty" inside or that cleansing should ever be adopted with an aim to creating "perfect health". Beware any tendency in yourself which leans towards an obsessive or neurotic attitude to being "clean inside". These techniques should not be used by such people. They should be learned under guidance and their frequency of use prescribed by a qualified teacher until such time as you have sufficient experience to continue unassisted.
   Out of all those different techniques listed above (other than teeth, eyes, ears and scalp) there are 3 in particular which

have been shown to be the most important and effective to help reverse ill-health and to serve as do-it-yourself preventative health maintenance. They have been included in this book because they are particularly beneficial for a range of women's health disorders and they are also especially useful in preparation for conception, pregnancy and childbirth. They relate to the most important bodily functions and to the most common of all physical disorders. They are: nasal cleansing, stomach cleansing and intestinal cleansing. Each of these 3 techniques use warm, slightly salted water, leaving the respiratory and digestive systems feeling light and clear. At first they may seem a bit strange to Westerners, but after some explanation and practise, their simplicity and efficacy becomes evident, and their adoption into everyday life becomes effortless and highly beneficial.

Cleansing for Women's Health and Pregnancy
   For general women's health, the cleansing techniques are very beneficial for common reproductive disorders like pre-menstrual tension, headaches,weak digestion, constipation, painful periods,

yoga book   yoga book
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