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Mother As First Guru ( By Swami Gurupremananda Saraswati
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folding them, some reputedly better for boys or girls but over the years, I have only ever used two very simple folds.

   The Newborn Fold. Fold a standard square nappy in half (creating a triangle), and then in half again. (Steps 1 and 2).
   Lie the baby on top of the longest side, level with their waistline. (Step 3).
   Fold up all the bottom corners together between the baby's legs. (Step 4).
   Fold each of the outside corners across the baby's waist in to the centre, and pin securely. (Step 5).

 The Giant Triangle. Fold a standard nappy in half to create a triangle. (Step 1).
   Lie the baby on top of the fold, level with their waistline. (Step 2).
   Bring a single bottom corner layer of nappy up between the baby's legs. (Step 3).
   Firmly bring all the cloth from the top left hand corner, over and across the baby's left groin, between the legs, and tuck it all under the opposite buttock - in between the two base layers of cloth (Step 4).
   Repeat this action from the right side corner, tucking it under the opposite buttock. (Step 5).
   Lastly, fold up the remaining single layer of cloth between the legs, firmly pining through only the top 5 layers of cloth. (Step 6).

Step 1

Step 2                Step 3

Step 4            Step 5

Figure 53 - The Newborn Fold


Step 1

Step 2                Step 3

Step 4           Step 5          Step 6

Figure 54 - The Giant Triangle Fold

yoga book   yoga book
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