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Mother As First Guru ( By Swami Gurupremananda Saraswati
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Beyond the Body
   In this old food chain model, food wastes were something that just disappeared forever in a flush with a push of a button. But the ghosts of our previous ignorance are coming back to haunt society, both as personal illnesses as well as environmental illnesses. The journey of our food wastes both organic and inorganic, coming from production processes as well as human by-products is now, quite rightly, becoming the focus of much attention.
   Many people are now concerned about water quality falling from the sky, coming out of the taps, going down the drains, into the rivers and out into the sea. Even many conventional (i.e. non organic) farmers are getting concerned for the condition of the soils. In our particular river valley, I know farmers who have moved off the land because "things just aren't growing as well anymore". Their

soils (and their spirits) are tired. Depletion of trace minerals, disturbances in soil biology, fertiliser accumulation, toxic sprays getting into the food chain, rampant weed infestations, depletion of natural predators, degradation of protective vegetation are all the results of man's naive and exploitative past. Repairing this damage is indeed a worth causes for everyone to become involved in - not only by working through political channels, but also by individually demonstrating better awareness in shopping and eating habits. The previous ignorance and mismanagement of human wastes are now being investigated and changed for the better. Just by initiating a new phase of better eating and expanding your understanding of your own part in the drastic situation, you will be starting to help clean up both the personal and the planetary pollution

Type of Cycle 1st Phase 2nd Phase 3rd Phase 4th Phase
Agriculture Planting Growing Harvest Fallow
Aperture Expanding Fully Open Contracting Fully Closed
Breath Inhaling Holding in Exhaling Holding out
Charged Particle Forces Attraction Bonding then Repolarisation Repulsion Separation then Repolarisation
Containment Filling up Fullness Draining out Emptiness
Diet Consuming Assimilation Cleansing Resting or Fasting
Displacement Entering Being in there Exiting Being outside
Donations Receiving gifts Minding Giving away Being without
Economics Growth Peak Decline / Recession Depression
Existence in Time Beginning Middle End Transmutation
Height Ascending At the top Descending At the bottom
Human growth Baby Adult Corpse Purgatory!
Knowledge Learning Revelation Renunciation Dark Night of the Soul, Shoonya
Meals Prep & Cooking Eating Washing Up & Putting Away Staying out of Kitchen
Moon Waxing Full Moon Waning New Moon
Partnerships (general) Introduction Union Dissolution Duality
Partnerships (marriage) Courtship Marriage Divorce Aloneness
Plants Bud Flower Fruit Seed
Possession Accumulating Keeping Discarding Going without
Production Design / Manufacture Finished product Disintegration Non-existence
Proximity Approaching Being present Leaving Being absent
Reciprocating Engines (4 Stroke) Induction Compression (and Ignition) Power Stroke Exhaust
Seasons Spring Summer Autumn Winter
Shopping Buying Owning Selling Needing
Stars Rising Zenith Falling Nadir
Tide Rising High Ebb Low
Whole Day Morning Afternoon Evening Night

Table 12 - Cycles of Evolution

yoga book   yoga book
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