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~Vishuddhi Chakra~

Meaning and Symbolism
   Vishuddhi means "purification". This meaning of purification does not suggest getting "clean" from being "dirty" as a puritan might imagine, but relates to the transformation of all polar opposites we normally experience into a blissful state of indifference.
   The yantra for Vishuddhi is a sixteen petalled violet-lilac lotus with a full moon inside emitting a drop of bliss-inducing nectar (Amrit or ambrosia) which arises from out of the Bindu Visarga (see following). This indicates that the source of lasting happiness we crave must come from above, not below. Along the spiritual path there will be easy times and hard times. In meditation you meet demons and angels. In life you will have gains and losses. All these events will become more balanced as Vishuddhi awakens more and more. Through certain practices, flow of this psychic nectar can be stimulated to neutralise the poisons we may have within us or that we may encounter from outside. It allows us to see all things as part of a whole which is beyond duality.
   The tattwa for Vishuddhi is ether or akasha, an element outside of normal physical constraints, the medium through which the mind travels.

   Its physical position is in the spinal column at the position of the C-7 vertebra which is directly behind its trigger point, that is, the pit of the throat.

Bodily Systems
   The bodily systems controlled by Vishuddhi Chakra are the cervical plexus in the neck, the thyroid and parathyroid glands, all functions of the throat including the voice, the ears, the sense of hearing.

Self Expression
   Whereas Manipura was hot, and Anahata warm, Vishuddhi is cool. The lower rajasic attributes of ego and passion begin to be dissolved as the nature of sattwa or equilibrium unfolds.
   Vishuddhi assists with all forms of communica-tion, starting with the transformation of thoughts into speech. It assist not only with expressing human intelligence but also, at this level of awareness, one begins to sense an 

intelligence behind all beings and things.  
   Abilities such as having a well pitched speaking or singing voice, an acute sense of hearing, equilibrium of temperament are attributes associated with a well functioning Vishuddhi. Being able to "read" someone's mind, "get inside their head", "hear their thoughts" are the psychic faculties of this chakra.
   Problems in this chakra lead to throat ill-nesses; neck problems; vocal restrictions; metabolic imbalances (thyroid disturbances); speech difficulties (not including disabilities of the tongue which are the area of Swadhisthana); excessive puritanism; religious fanaticism (telling everyone your way is the only right way); aversion to negativity; inability to comprehend, to "listen" to "hear" what is really being said.
   Since Vishuddhi comes next up from Anahata, which relates to linking with others, as one grows in spiritual life, they become more and more an individual. At some point, one on one relation-ships with another individual will become superfluous as the world becomes more your partner. This requires a sometimes difficult break and a period of aloneness. Many people do not like aloneness. They constantly crave company and distraction from themselves. This is a state often experienced following separation from a relationship. Fear of this separation (and its ensuing aloneness) can lead couples to become stuck in bad relationships. It can also cause spiritual aspirants to become stuck in the warm and fuzzy comfort zone of Anahata. Gradually awakening Vishuddhi Chakra helps us to face what may be necessary - even though it may not be welcomed.
   During conception, pregnancy, childbirth and new motherhood, Vishuddhi affects the ability to turn your ideas (and ideals) into reality - that is expressing yourself fully. A restricted throat will limit the breathing and thereby the vocal energy of labour leading you into "biting your tongue" when you feel like you should speak up. Learning to accept all that happens in life can be blocked by continually categorising everything into "good" or "bad" leading to fluctuations of mind and spirit, so opening the throat chakra will help acceptance of and promote better personal harmony for all the new experiences mother-hood will bring.

yoga book   yoga book
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