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~Ajna Chakra~

Meaning and Symbolism
   The term Ajna means "command" since this is the chakra where one receives and emits spiritual commands between the Guru and the disciple. Ajna is often called the guru chakra. Its yantra is a two petalled silver-grey lotus containing the sun and the moon. In the centre is a black lingam (symbol of consciousness), a red triangle (symbol of shakti) and the symbol for Om, all of which symbolise the unitive qualities of this junction point.
   Closely connected to the chakra itself is its trigger point, the mid eyebrow centre (Bhru-madhya) also called Trikuti (the dwelling place) or Triveni (the meeting place of the 3 rivers or nadis). In all the world's different religions and spiritual disciplines Ajna Chakra and the mid eyebrow centre are considered extremely important. They are known by many different names - the third eye, the mind's eye, the eye of intuition, the eye of the soul, the divine eye, the psychic eye, the eye of knowledge - since it is at Ajna that the two complementary poles of energy - Ha and Tha, Pingala and Ida, Solar and Lunar, Yang and Yin, female and male - meet and merge into one homogenous force out of which a profound state of oneness, union or yoga is experienced. Through the dissolution of dualities one acquires the attributes of a seer, one gains true spiritual perception.

   Ajna Chakra itself is located in the mid centre of the brain, at the top of the spinal cord, in the region of the medulla oblongata, a point in line with the mid eyebrow centre and below the crown of the head.

Bodily Systems
   Controlled by Ajna Chakra is the autonomic nervous system, the cavernous nerve plexus, the pineal gland, and Ajna is also partially responsible for the functioning of the master pituitary gland, which manages the overall control of the brain and all the body's hormonal systems.
   Ajna Chakra is the link between the physical organ of the brain and the non-physical attributes of the mind or our psyche. Its sense is that of knowing or


intuition, commonly called the sixth sense.

Self Expression
   Energy and consciousness at this level repre-sents dissolution of all dualities and transcen-dence of egoistic motives. Here knowledge awakens without need for any physical cause or inputs. Ajna chakra represents a higher level of mind and wisdom (Buddhi) beyond the normal intellect, and as such often makes no sense to those who are fixed in the rational and analytical realms of understanding (Vishuddhi and below).
   Inside the forehead, behind the closed eyes as it were, is the "space of consciousness", a space of inner vision known as Chidakash. This space is like a screen on which we can see the projections of the mind. We can also wilfully use this space to transform the nature of the mind through meditative techniques. Such efforts help in the awakening and refinement of Ajna Chakra and the development of higher mental faculties.
   Through meditation on Ajna Chakra and / or the eyebrow centre, one can manifest one's outer Guru. This happens partly by your own efforts and partly through the desires of the Guru to contact you. Once established, the telepathic lines are open for regular communica-tions and gradually the disciple gets more attuned to the commands of their Guru and becomes more established in a life of dharma. Eventually one can discover the true inner Guru and merge with the universal mind and consciousness.
   Afflictions and imbalances of Ajna Chakra can manifest as headaches, psychoses and neuroses, schizophrenia, fantasy, self delusions, loss of reality, sleep disturbances. For those on the journey of self discovery through motherhood, development of Ajna Chakra assists in greater "knowing" of oneself and knowing how one must act for the greater good. This allows you to link with your baby prior to and during conception, communicate with and intuitively understand the needs of your baby during pregnancy, and to retreat to the endorphin induced state of selfless, yet mindful, self awareness required during labour and childbirth.

yoga book   yoga book
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