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Mother As First Guru ( By Swami Gurupremananda Saraswati
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   But to be the wise teachers we must have learned those same lessons. We must have broken the limiting patterns of our own imperfect upbringing. We must be brutally honest with ourselves that we do have parental failings, and that we do have attributes which are not in the best interests of our children's personal growth.
   So in the same way that we wish to guide our children spiritually, we need wise guides of our own. Are our own parents the ones we turn to for this guidance or are there other suitable people who could help us grow in love, wisdom and true parental guidance?
   I believe that modern society has all but lost such great teachers. The traditions of the old wise teachers have been replaced by the new celebrity experts of populist authors, and social and medical researchers.The role a wise mother should play actually begins long before pregnancy, but the most important phases in which she really holds the rudder of her children's future is in the


like it to go. How it turns out ….. well …. that might be a different matter! As birth approaches, her own life should change to follow natural rhythms so as to prepare herself and the baby for the routine of life outside the womb. This is particularly important since it is not correct that the newborn should have to fit into the mother's day. Rather, the baby will have greater needs than the mother and therefore, during pregnancy, the mother should be getting into a newborn baby's routine well in advance! That way, when the baby arrives, neither of them will get a big shock.
   Less tangibly, but most importantly, she should focus on developing love and bonding. These days more and more women are "meeting" their babies in utero - and I don't just mean by ultrasound imaging. The mother-child relationship can easily be well  established prior to birth. Through meditation and visualisation it just takes getting into yourself rather than focussing outwards.

combination of uterine life, the birthing event and during the first few years. It is here that she must recognise that she alone assumes the role of the child's first guru.
In-utero, a mother must create for her baby a safe and healthy environment in which to grow to its greatest foetal potential. Every single mother-to-be, I am sure, wants her baby to be born in the best physical condition and yet, so many live in polluted cities, eat polluted foods and expose their unborn children to all manner of stressful situations as they go about their lives. So many woman choose to carry on such activities right up until full term with barely a care for the effects it may be having on their baby.

   The birth is a very important time when the mother can deeply shape the child's future experiences. A difficult birth, for whatever reasons, can leave a baby traumatised for days, weeks, months or possibly his whole life. Consider the in-built fear a baby girl then carries on to her own adult birthing experiences. Alternatively, a beautifully natural, non-traumatic birth will give that girl a deep memory of ease and confidence for her own mothering events.Becoming educated about the process of birth, not just by books and classes, but through sharing experiences with other experienced mums and by exploring your body's inherent abilities,  is the

    If a woman truly  wants to give her baby the best and healthiest start to  life she should be focussing on doing just that, by residing and working and eating and living in the healthiest possible way for as long before the birth as she can possibly manage.
   A woman must satisfactorily prepare for the birthing episode, and not by just finding a nice obstetrician and painting out the nursery! It is a mother's role to prepare herself, the baby and any support members for the birth. She should plan and try to set it up just the way she would

duty of the wise mother. Some midwives and doctors say that the baby does the birthing and that the mother should just trust in her body's processes and let it happen. This is true. Others say that the mother should be active and make it happen as she feels she needs to. This is also true. I would say, that since both of the above actually occur within the woman, it is she who is the ultimate guide for the process, more an overseer, a coordinator, but not necessarily a controller. Yes, this makes

yoga book   yoga book
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