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Mike, sharp to the core was restless. His keen critical faculty had shown the pitfalls in the fast, stressful, mechanical American life. Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, comforts and luxuries of life were common place for him. They did not lure him. Money, behind each and every action of people around him and the nation, atrocities and exploitations, he was disgusted. Is money the end of all life? His inner man was in turmoil. He had turn insomniac. Neither the way of the tradition-bound church orthodoxy nor the modern free life appeared to given him a solution. Is there a meaning to our lives? Can we, while seeing all these atrocities be still happy and unconcerned? Can we ever think of a harmonious coherent society emerging from this wretched world?

The series of questions haunted him relentlessly. He was confused.

He was now looking at the insensitive, tribal and rural folks. He recalled 'Ignorance is Bliss'. Maybe, one should not become intelligent and sensitive at all. He envied the restful, peaceful life of these 'undeveloped' people. Why spoil them? Probably we should go back and live a carefree natural life like them. Why all these comforts, the rat race of weapons, the exploitation? These thoughts appeared to given him a direction. Yet his inner man was sensing a flaw in this solution, too.

This book tries to answer these questions, the vital ones of life that come up in allof us as developed human beings. 'The Secret of Action', the Karma Yoga throws light on these aspects of life. This path of Yoga transforms the 'work arena' into the region of growth.

In the first chapter 'the inevitability of action' is presented. The second 'towards action', describes the ways to shatter the laziness. The third describes "the 'how' of action" as the key to understanding the intricacies of action. The forth chapter talks about the normally accepted good actions or selfless actions as the very basis of all religions and their limitations. The fifth tries to fathom the spirit of 'Yajnas - technology of Vedas'. Next the conflicts among such intelligent persons who start questioning the very definition of good and bad, the meaning and purpose of life are presented, The seventh chapter unveils the first secret of action and non-action. The eighth talks about the second secret, purification to bring about the secret 3 and 4 involving higher dimensions of Karma yoga.

While the 9th and 10th describe higher deals with conflict resolutions based on this total knowledge-base. And the last chapter presents a summary of the secret of action and a brief outline of the dimensions of the secret of action.

Many have contributed to the contents of the book for whom I offer my gratitude. Prof ASN Shastry, Sri T Mohan, Dr r Nagarathna, Swami Dayananda Saraswathy, Prof N V C Swamy & H N Seshadri are the main persons who brought dimensions of clarity to this work. I could only offer my prayers to them.

To Sri Nagendra Jain for correcting the proof & Chandrashekar of Sharad Enterprises for bringing out the book neatly in time.

Dr H R Nagendra, M.E., Ph.D.


yoga book   yoga book
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