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Chapter 1


During our interaction with the people and the world around us, it is but natural that we encounter difficulties, problems and conflicts. Our normal tendency in such instances, is to avoid these situations and look for better situations or ‘work arena’. This tendency of running away from difficulties and the associated misery is in tune with our overall direction of life where we seek greater and greater happiness and lesser and lesser miseries.

Similar is our tendency of seeking greater happiness (i) through sense pleasures by acquiring more and more comfort objects and (ii) welcoming situations, which we like, as they bring happiness. But we never questioned this approach. Whether this is the right approach in life?

According to the Sastras (yogic texts) the highest state of happiness is devoid of any action (Naiskarmya). As such, it appears logical that we should relinquish all actions to reach that state of ‘NO ACTION’. So avoiding action, to get away from problems which also is in tune with our tendency appears to be the right solution. Retiring to isolated forests for a peaceful happy life is what we, who are sick of this world, would like to resort to.

Now let us analyse as to why we want to get away from problems.


yoga book   yoga book
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