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criterion for entry into yoga and spiritual way of life. Rajas should emerge in all of us. Hence, we should act and not avoid actions for growth. As we become Rajasik, we grow active and have no resistance to action. We love action. We get obsessed with work. We turn workholics. We cannot remain without work. In this phase of growth, we are lost in the enjoyment of work and actions.

Soon Rajas turns hazardous. Over-activing, in our slavery to, we get fatigued; stresses and strains torture us. A stage soon comes when we can no more manage our interactions with the world around. It looks too much. We start hating action. We like to runaway again.

If it is the slavery to tamas and attachment to bliss of ignorance that made us run from action earlier, now it is the overactivity excessive rajas. Our stresses take their toll on our body in the form of Hypertension and heart attacks, hyperacidity and ulcers, neurosis and psychosis if not cancer or aids. And we resort to pharmacological or surgical interventions to deal with them. Tired to the core, sapped of all energies, our enthusiasm to work still dominant within we suffer. Doctors advise not to work and strain further would change us.

yoga book   yoga book
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