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We would rather run away from the world than to stay and suffer. Now our running away from action is not due to insensitivity or carelessness but due to an inability to bear with the pressures of excessive sensitivity, activity. At that stage we know that turning sensitive as a mark of progress has led us to misery. Therefore such of us who are compassionate, do not want that our innocent and ignorant brothers and sisters living in undeveloped sectors of our globe should also suffer the way we ourselves are suffering. It is only such of us would prefer that the undeveloped Tamasik people should remain as they are and oppose all reformatory efforts to raise the under developed and the undeveloped sectors of our globe.

If this second category of us find a solution to overcome the torturous bursts of hyperactivity by some methods, but at the same time, not losing the sensitivity and sharpness, then we would not run away from action.

yoga book   yoga book
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