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Chapter 2


Tamas has a great binding power. As in an atom. The electrons swirling round the nucleus at very high speeds nearing the velocity of light trying to go away from the nucleus (centrifugal force) on one hand and the force of attraction of positron trying to pull the electron inwards (centripetal force)on the other hand keep the nucleus in tact. There is tremendous binding power due to this balance of two forces. Similar is the power of Tamas. We need to blast the Tamas like a high speed neutron bombarding the nucleus of an atom to split an atom. Tremendous energy, nuclear power is generated. Forceful scolding of a child or even good physical beating may be an answer to shatter the terrible lethargy.

Dropsy was becoming a pain in the neck. Margaret was totally upset. All her advice, good words, cajoling had failed. Even John had got exasperated. Both of them were bent on bringing Dropsy to study and grow well as a good girl, a normal student if not make great grades. She would miss all classes, sleep off the whole day or just wile away her time chitchatting with her friends. Even the parents of her friends complained to Margaret about the demeaning influence of Dropsy on their children. Finally they had warned both her and John.

John and Margaret decided to get the counsel from their close friend, a wise man Chang from China. Chang told them to leave her with him and he will straighten her. He disclosed the plan of action to them. They agreed. Dropsy was in the same day sent Chang. In a room where she was allowed to stay, Chang had planned to keep a TV. He asked her to put on a goggles whenever she watched the TV. And he asked her to enjoy her holidays sleeping as much as she can, eat whatever and as much as she desired and watch the TV as long as she wanted. When she started, two days she loved the holidays of sleeping and eating. On the third day she woke up screaming when a bull dog of Chang pounced on her. She ran to Chang who said’ be careful, that dog is not so good. He may even bite you if you continue to sleep. But if you caress him, he will be very good.

He does not like people sleeping or just watching TV without caring for him. So whenever he comes, keep awake. Ok?’ Dropsy agreed. Chang allowed the dog systematically in the early mornings and all those times whenever she

yoga book   yoga book
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