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Yoga For Back Pain ( Dr. R.Nagarathna , Dr. H.R.Nagendra
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of the psychics, the terms human aura, etheric double, astral body, thought-forms, etc., have often been used.


Panca Kosa - five layered existence of human being

(1) Annamaya Kosa, (2) Pranamaya Kosa, (3) Manomaya Kosa (4) Vijnanamaya Kosa, (5) Anandamaya Kosa.

i. Annamaya Kosa (material body)

In the tradition of Yoga and Upanisads, this concept of pancakosa is described in Taittireya upanisat where in the teacher Varuna, the father is guiding the student Bhrgu in his search for reality. The son asks the father to tell him what is consciousness (Bramman). The father says it is the most fundamental stuff from which leads him on through hints to perform Tapas (internal research) to find out an experiential answer to the question. The son goes into silence and comes back to the father with an answer that every thing in the universe is made of 'Anna'(matter), comes from Anna, every thing in the universe is created, sustained and destroyed by Anna and dissolves into Anna. Father is very happy that the son has been able to arrive at one common principle of the external universe. This Anna (matter) aspect of our physical

yoga book   yoga book
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