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Yoga For Back Pain ( Dr. R.Nagarathna , Dr. H.R.Nagendra
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(Svayamave tanavam yati, Svayameva pinatam yati)

that which can increase or decrease by itself without any external agency. This Prana is the basic fabric of this universe both inside and outside our body. A uniform harmonious flow of Prana to each and every cell of the annamaya kosa keeps them alive and healthy. Prana has the capacity to move into different areas of the body (annamaya kosa) depending on demand. For e.g., when you perform more brain work you need more prana in the head region, when you walk you need more prana in the lower limbs, etc. If the prana flow to any organ increases inadvertently and without control, it can lead to dysfunction of that organ at the annamaya kosa.

iii. Manomaya Kosa (mind body)

Bhrgu is now guided by his father to go back for Tapas. He returns after long panance and says "Oh. my Guru, I realise that Manas (mind) is the source of everything". This is called Manomaya kosa. This is the aspect of one's personality wherein the mind carries on its different functions such as perception(Manah), memory (Citta) and ego (Ahankara).
Mind, which is defined as a conglomeration of thoughts responds to the input through sense organs. For example, you see a big red flower; eyes send the image to the brain and the mind (manas) perceives it as a beautiful rose. Within the next fraction of a second your memory(Citta) deciphers it as a very rare variety of rose which you wanted to see badly. The thought circulates in mind and citta which soon goes on to make you feel "Oh, it is so beautiful, 'I' like it, I love it, I want it". This component of the manomaya kosa in which this rapid recycling takes place and gathers momentum is called the 'Emotions' (Bhavana). This is characterised by

yoga book   yoga book
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