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Yoga For Back Pain ( Dr. R.Nagarathna , Dr. H.R.Nagendra
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It is this component of the mind that has developed in human race greatly that differentiates man from animals. Bhartrhari says:

Ahara nidra bhaya maithunan ca Samanyametat pasubhih naranam~ Budhirhi tesam adhiko visesah Budhirvihinah pasubhih samanah~~

Bhartrhari brings out this point as to how the higher faculty, the Vijnana continuously guides the manomaya kosa to get mastery over the basic instincts. Hence, in man we know that, even these basic insticts are all psychological. For example we have lost the cyclical behaviour of reflex (oestrus cycles of animals - heat) for sexual behaviour. This freedom element which is inbuilt in all human beings, guides him to discriminate what is "good and bad", "right and wrong", "useful and not useful" to move towards long term sukha (happiness). Thus, vijnanamaya kosa (knoledge base) is the discriminating faculty.

V. Anandamaya Kosa (bliss body)

Varuna now directs the son to go back to tapas and this time Bhrgu never returns. The master goes to check why the son has not come back. He was surprised to see that Bhrgu is completely engrossed in deep Ananda(bliss). There is no individual ' I ' of the Vijnana or manomaya kosa, that can

yoga book   yoga book
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