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Yoga For Digestive Disorders ( Dr. R.Nagarathna , Dr. H.R.Nagendra
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disease could vary from just a nuisance with periods of mild bloody diarrhoea lasting 6 to 8 weeks to a severe blood loss requiring emergency surgery.

Researchers continue to search for the cause of this condition. Although no definite cause can be pointed out, we have moved a long way in our search. Some germs E.Coli, campylobacter, yersinia have been found but none of them is the cause of the disease. Milk allergy and autoimmunity with a psychosomatic effect is also being pointed out as the cause.

What is autoimmunity?

The immune system is the defence system in our body equipped with different types of white blood cells to fight any dangerous invasion by enemy bacteria, viruses, foreign bodies or even a transplant tissue. This defense is just like the security force of a country on its borders. The radars sense the enemy movements, the soldiers send the information to the Commander in Chief, who considers the messages, decides on war, assembles suitable regiments, who wait for their orders and the war is triggered off. Continuous moment to moment monitoring goes on until the war is over. The entire country is put under vigilance and in coordination. All other activities, such as celebrations are deferred, except for the basic needs. A very similar phenomenon occurs within our body. The White Blood Corpuscles(WBCs) sense the invader. Messages

yoga book   yoga book
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