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Yoga For Digestive Disorders ( Dr. R.Nagarathna , Dr. H.R.Nagendra
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from reaching the stomach lining. The small quantity of the strong acid that may pass through the mucus barrier, gets neutralized by this alkali. Further, if the acid passes through even this alkaline

barrier, a healthy lining with good blood flow offers natural resistance and the few cells that may get digested are soon replaced by the capacity of the gastric lining to repair quickly. These protectors are always in a dynamic balance with the aggressors.

What are Aggressors?

Smoking, alcohol, and medicines like aspirin, pain killers etc., that are known to induce excessive acid production (hyperacidity), are called aggressors. All these substances are related to one’s life style and habits. I.e., these are what you do against the natural healthy ways of living.

What is Indigestion?

Almost everyone experiences occasional attacks of indigestion, which are usually quite brief. We may feel blown out or distended after a large meal and get some relief when we bring up wind. Most of the wind that we bring up is a result of swallowing air as we eat, but some is produced by a chemical reaction in the stomach or from carbonated, fizzy drinks. The solution for this type of gas problem is to eat less, eat slowly, and go easy with fizzy drinks.

More persistent indigestion is usually linked with the acid

yoga book   yoga book
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