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Yoga For Arthritis ( Dr. R.Nagarathna , Dr. H.R.Nagendra
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suffering from arthritis.In the first part of the book an attempt has been made to give a brief understanding of the modern medical and yogic perspective of joint diseases. The second part of the book gives instructions to the daily practices of yoga to be performed by a patient with arthritis


Types of Joints :

1. Immobile joints are seen in the skull bones. They hold the flat bones of the skull together and are simple. The irregularly sawed margins of one bone fits into the irregular crevices in the margin of the other bone.
2. Mobile joints are also called Synovial joints. These could be
i. Hinge joints as in knees, elbows and fingers.
ii. Ball and socket joints as in hips and shoulders.
iii. Facet joints of the spine between vertebral bones.

Amongst these two major types of joints, arthritis affects only the mobile joints as they are most vulnerable to injuries and inflammations.

What is Synovial joint ?

In most of the mobile limb joints, the expanded ends of the two long bones come together to form the joint. The two bony surfaces that touch each other are lined by a thin pearly white, smooth, shiny, hard material called articular cartilage. The two

yoga book   yoga book
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