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Yoga For Diabetes ( Dr. S.S. Srikanta , Dr. R.Nagarathna , Dr. H.R.Nagendra
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globalization and demands on coping skills leading to enormous stress.

Historically references to symptoms of diabetes are found in Egyptian papyrus (1500 BC). Ayurveda physicians of 600-400 BC (Charaka and Sushruta) were aware of this disease and named it under the term prameha and madhumeha (rain and honey) as they recognized the sweetness of urine. Descriptions of diabetes are seen in Chinese and Greek texts too.

Areotus in second century AD named this condition “Diabetes” (syphon) as he perceived it as “melting down of flesh and limbs into urine”. All diabetics shall be ever grateful to two scientist “Banting and Best” who extracted insulin from pancreas(1921) after which the incurable doomed disease which would kill the person in less than 5 years, has become mild enough to remain as a life companion for the full life span.

This year (2002 - 03) is dedicated by WHO as the “Year of non-communicable diseases” to combat diabetes and heart diseases through life style change with special emphasis on physical activity. The four major aspects of such a life style change include regular physical activity, non-smoking, vegetarian diet and stress management.

Yoga, Áyurveda and all other oriental healers have always been interested in preventing diseases and promoting positive health through health practices that percolate into the culture in the form of do’s and dont's that were followed meticulously. Healthy life style was practiced and enjoyed with full acceptance as a part of the cultural and religious practices. When spiritual growth of an individual formed the basis of the norms that were

yoga book   yoga book
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