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Yoga For Pregnancy ( Dr. Shamantakamani Narendran , Dr. R.Nagarathna , Dr. H.R.Nagendra
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one. It usually appears soon following the missed period and rarely lasts beyond the 3rd month. Its intensity varies from nausea on rising from the bed to loss of appetite or even vomiting. But it usually does not affect the health status of the mother.

Frequency of micturition : It is a troublesome symptom during 8-12th weeks of pregnancy. It is due to resting of the bulky uterus on the fundus of the bladder because of exaggerated anteverted position of the uterus, congestion of the bladder mucosa and stretching of the bladder base, due to backward displacement of the cervix.

Breast discomfort : There is feeling of fullness, 'pricking sensation' and enlargement of the breast, evident as early as 6-8th week, especially in primigravida.

Fatigue : Easy fatigability is a frequent symptom which may occur early in pregnancy.

Vaginal signs : Apart from the bluish discolouration of the anterior vaginal wall, it softens and copious non-irritating mucold discharge appears at 6th week. There is increased pulsation, felt through the lateral fornices at 8th week.

Cervical signs : Cervix becomes soft as early as 6th week, a little earlier in multipara. The pregnancy cervix feels like the lips of the mouth, while in the non-pregnant state, like that of tip of the nose.

yoga book   yoga book
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