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a) GI Disorders

The data taken on patients suffering from various gastro intestinal disorders like gastritis, hyper acidity and peptic ulcers, IBS, chronic dysentery and colitis, presented elsewhere indicates beneficial application of integrated approach for GI disorder. Systematic and detailed investigations and study are being initiated to throw more light on the use of yogic practices for GI disorders.

b) Anxiety Neurosis

The data on 20 anxiety neurosis patients carefully selected out of about 45 patients has been collected and the changes on various parameters including bio-chemical data on 24 hrs urine

TABLE 7 Miscellaneous: Anxiety Neurosis

samples and blood have been reported in (A13). Except 2 out of the twenty, all patients have been rehabilitated to normalcy. The two are also, improving. The 3 months long study has paved way for detailed long term investigation.

c) Ophthalmic Disorders

The use of yogic Practices (as a pilot study) on nearly 400 patients with myopia, Hyper-metropia astigmatism, glaucoma and initial stages of cataract has shown promising trends in the process of rehabilitation. Scientific investigations hive now been started to obtain quantitative result (05).

d) Mental Retardation

Feasibility studies on the use of yogic practices on about 25 children for about an year have been completed. Based on the encouraging improvements noticed among these children, we have taken up studies on about 100 children.

e) Other Ailments

Miscellaneous ailments shown in Table 1 are also being dealt with in our yoga therapy and research center at Bangalore. They are in quite a preliminary stage of development. While a general trend of improvement is noticed in many cases, improved methods for specific ailments like migraine, epilepsy, arthritis, spondylitis, etc. are being developed.

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