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Effects of Sinus Infections

This phenomena of festering mucus in the cavities has the following effects
  • The build up of mucus in the cavities creates pressure on the surrounding bones and membranes, a condition that causes sinus headaches, heaviness and dullness.
  • The viral activity in the mucus can cause low or high grade fever depending on the severity of the infection.
  • The inability of the mucus to secrete to the nasal ducts results in poor quality o the air that we breathe in terms of poor filtration, poor moisture and humidity controlled breath.
This results in a vicious cycle further aggravating the sinus allergy or infection.
  • Color indicators:

Clear mucus discharge: This is the body's first response to the presence of germs. The reaction is to discharge extra mucus (to wash off) the germs. It is best to treat these early symptoms at the first instance through sinus irrigation. Medications will not help in this stage as there is no bacterial infection as yet.


White or mild yellow: The body's natural mechanism to fight off the foreign germs results in this color of discharge. The best solution - sinus irrigation.


Dark yellow or green: Likely onset of sinus infection. Doctors may prescribe antibiotics in case of severe infections but increasing frequency of sinus irrigation may greatly help.


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