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Mechanics of a Sinus Infection

Around our nose region, on the inside, are certain hollow cavities called the sinus cavities or simply sinuses.

These cavities are located behind the nose, the cheeks and brow regions. These cavities secrete mucus into the nasal duct. The purpose of this mucus is to moisten, filter and regulate the temperature of the air that we breathe in.

The way that the mucus is secreted into the nasal duct is through small openings in the sinus cavities through which they drain their mucus.

The mucus is created by the mucus membrane which lines these sinus cavities, including the openings.

What happens?

In case of sinus infections, this mucus membrane which lines the cavities becomes inflamed or swollen. The effect of this is that the openings of the cavities (which it also lines) get closed due to the swelling.

Once these openings get blocked, the mucus that is being continuously secreted by the linings cannot be drained from the cavities. Over time this collected mucus in the sinus cavities becomes a breeding ground for viruses which leads to infection called sinus infection.

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