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Sinus Related Information

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Sinus Irrigation

Why Sinus Irrigation:

The best way to treat the sinus problem and restore normalcy would appear to reduce the inflammation so that the cavities can drain themselves. And till such a time this happens, there should be a way to 'assist' the sinuses in draining their infection-laden mucus. Sinus irrigation provides both these solutions.

How it works:

Sinus irrigation works on the principle of draining the cavities through liquid flow. When warm saline water is poured into one nostril in such a way that it drain out from the other nostril, this creates 2 effects:

A venturi-effect created by means of altered water pressure. This results in the otherwise blocked sinuses to drain out into the passing liquid. Thus, an otherwise impossible task is achieved ingenuously.

The passing of warm saline water has a soothing and healing effect upon the inflamed membranes. Salt is a very good disinfectant and saline solution provides the healing touch to the membranes causing the inflammation to subside with time.

Sinus Irrigation is so effective that an entire industry has been built around sinus irrigation tools and attachments. However, the most effective and yet the cheapest implement for sinus irrigation remains the Neti Pot. The Neti Pot is a time tested tool for this and dates back to hundreds of years of existence.

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