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Sinus Related Information

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Home : Sinus : Sinus Articles : Why sinus infections and allergies occur?
Why Sinus Infections and Allergies Occur?

Sinus infections and allergies can occur due to a number of reasons - structural or environmental.

Some of the structural reasons for sinus infections could be

Nasal Polyps
Deviated Septum

Basically, both of these result in the same symptoms, that is, an obstruction in the proper drainage of the sinus cavities leading to ripe conditions for a sinus infection. People with such conditions are more prone to frequent bouts of sinus infections.

The environmental reasons could be extremely varied:

Transmission of the virus from others - passed on through the air we breathe, the virus could trigger off the activity in your membraness

Allergens : Based on our genetic make up there may be certain substances in the environment that our bodies try to reject. A very common example is that of certain types of pollen. Our bodies come into immediate contact with these through the air we breathe. This triggers an auto-immune response such as sneezing which tries to prevent the pollen from entering into our system. This causes the inflammation of the mucus membranes resulting in sinus allergies.

Allergens can be found in anything such as food, water or even exposure to certain kinds of substances or smells. These environmental causes have the same effect upon the sinuses and this leads to infections.

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