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What Happens When God Loves You 100 Percent?

By Shyam Mehta

You perform Ishvara Pranidhana, and God grants you 100 percent love. What happens?

The first thing that you should know is the God is all-powerful. He is not bound by any rules. He showers mercy on a person whom he loves 100 percent.

The purpose of life is to have experiences so that you can, if you choose to tread on the path of light, develop a rounded personality. When you finally are united with God, your Soul becomes perfect and strong, ready to have sight of God. The Soul retains imperfections for as long as you the self is still seeking any of the four aims of life [" purusharta"]. These completed, your Soul is happy and fulfilled.

The experiences you need, pleasurable or painful, do not change when God loves you 100 percent. But, He makes life easy on you. You may be robbed, but you are not hurt. You have a small cut only, so that your immune system builds up.

Further, the pace of experience accelerates greatly. A man may need three more wives to complete his experience of kama [pleasure]. Under normal circumstances, this would require three lives. He achieves it over a six-month period. The pace of experience is 365 times greater than normal.

Most of the time, you do not know whether you are "coming or going". You are confused about your personal development and your future. You, as everyone, are in God's hands. What are some other changes? The following may help you:

  • The pace of change means that you get tired more easily and more often than you should given your fundamental state of health.

  • You dispose of the pollution that enters your system more quickly and effectively than do other people.

  • Your health improves, rather than deteriorates, over time, as you follow His advice

  • You take decisions in one minute, when most people take six hours

  • Your ability to help people is also much much faster than for other people

  • People take firm stands of liking or disliking you, helping you or harming you

  • You should recognize that each day you have experiences that are good for you, each day is a birthday in terms of useful experience. Because of the pace of change, each day is an adventure

  • You wish to join God soon, but you will have some important mission for mankind. Hence, you will likely be sad, not being with God. He will take you to Him as soon as this mission is completed. The mission may take time, because the rest of mankind is not on an accelerated timeframe.

You should know and always remember that He loves you and you love Him and that that is all that matters.

Shyam has been practicing yoga for 47 years and teaching it for 32 years. Shyam is with The Loving Heart Centre and you may visit his website at

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