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Patanjali Yoga Sutra

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Patanjali Yoga Sutras

Tadasamkhyeya-vasanabhis citramapi parartham samhatya-karitvat.

Tad = that; asamkhyeya = innumerable; vasnabhih = by Vasanas; citram = coloured; api = though; Parartham = for the sake of another (Purusa); Samhatya-karitvat = in association.

Though coloured by innumerable Vasanas, the mind acts for another (Purusa). It acts in association.

The very first words of the wisdom uttered by the Buddha after His peak experience were about the misery caused by desires (Vasanas). Various type of Vasanas, gross and subtle, colour the mind at different levels. Subtlest of them all being the very desire for liberation.

Through innumerable desires we, actually, seek our pure nature, Svarupa or Purusa. An only thing is that we seek in wrong direction. Upanishads tell us that a woman loves her husband not for his sake but for the sake of Atman. In all the moments of bliss it is the pure state happiness and not the objects outside. Outside objects are just means to push us back to our Core. The Kingdom of heaven is within. Seeking of all type, ultimately, is seeking that State which is abode of peace, bliss and knowledge.

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