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Patanjali Yoga Sutra

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Patanjali Yoga Sutras

Then, verily, the mind is inclined towards discrimination and gravitating towards Kaivalya.

We all are caught up in the long and tedious journey of life (of course, the insensitive people, under the spell of Great Illusion, may not think so). Life after life we seek, in wrong direction though, ultimate fulfillment of life till we realize that we have to take a U-turn to achieve our goal, our home. A tourist who enjoys a lot his wanderings abroad, has to return back to his home for ultimate peaceful stay. That is why the phrase 'Home, sweet home'. Howsoever five-star hotels lure people with phrases like 'A home away from home', 'Homely comfort/food' etc, they can't replace the peace of our home.

We may have many 'resting places' during the journey of life but ultimate peace is gained only when we 'get back' to our svarupa. This journey back home requires a lot of effort, viveka (discrimination) and vairagya (detachment) at various levels. Not an easy job! Even great yogis and seers slip back from the high path of Self Realization time and again as is depicted in so many mythological tales of our Puranas. Those who do not give up and keep moving, achieve the ultimate goal sooner or later. Charaiveti, Charaivati say the scriptures (Keep moving, keep moving). It is very difficult to give up tempting pleasures of this world in preference for seemingly dry path of spiritual enlightenment. One has to struggle a lot till one develops the taste of subtle bliss of higher life. Once we get the glimpse of divine bliss, journey within becomes easier. Slowly it becomes natural to have vairagya. Eventually when a seeker reaches advanced stages of sadhana (like atmic plane mentioned in previous sutra) and uses fine discrimination (viveka), then not only he moves towards his final goal effortlessly, he 'gravitates' towards it. At that point one has just to surrender completely for the ultimate 'merger' to take place. Nature, then takes over. Perhaps this is what the famous pharase, 'You take one step towards God and He takes ten steps towards you' indicates!

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