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Patanjali Yoga Sutras

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Patanjali Yoga Sutras

Prasankhyane'pi akusidasya sarvatha viveka-khyateh dharma-meghab samadhih.

Prasankhyane = in subtler states of consciousness; api = even; akusidasya = one who has no interest lift; sarvatha = by all means, always; vivek-khyateh = highest state of discrimination separation real from unreal; Dharma-Megha-Samadhi = ultimate Samadhi where one transcends gunas and enters the pure state of consciousness.

One who remains detached (by all means) even to the (joys of) subtler states of consciousness, exercising discrimination of highest order, enters Dharma-Megha Samadhi. (IV-29)

'Mana eva manusyanam karanam bandha moksayoh' (Mind alone is the cause of man's bondage and liberation) says the Amrta Bindu Upanisat.

Liberation, the ultimate goal of human life is hindered by our vasanas (conditionings) and that is why vasana-ksaya (reconditioning) is the key to that ultimate goal. Avidya (ignorance) is the root cause of all the bondage. Seeds of vasanas and sanskaras are to be burnt completely to come out of avidya and to be free so that we don't slip off the higher states of consciousness. For that, we have to get highest vairagya (detachment) called para-vairagya i.e. detachment even from the bliss of higher states of silence, peace and bliss that one gets from different types ofsamadhis. One has to discriminate between subtlest bliss and the ultimate reality. The last veil between the two is removed by viveka-khyati (discrimination of highest order). Viveka-khyati prepares one for Dharma-megha-Samadhi through which all the seeds of vasanas are brunt. Dharma is properties or vasanas caused by combination of the threegunas. Freedom from gunas, the basic component of vasanas is achieved throughDharma-Megha-Samadhi. Megha here means subtle veil removing which one can enter the pristine state of pure consciousness.

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