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Patanjalis Yoga Sutra III-44

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Patanjali Yoga Sutras III-44

Bahirakalpita vrttir maha-videha;tatah prakasavarana-ksayah.

Bahir = outside; external Akalpita = unimaginable Vrttir = state (of mind) Maha-videha = (name of a) Yogic Siddhi enabling the Yogi to remain without a body (here, the mental body) Tatah = thence; from it Prakasa = (of) light Avarana = covering  Ksayah = wasting away.

The power of contacting the state of consciousness which is outside the intellect and is therefore inconceivable is called Maha-videha. From it is destroyed the covering of light. (III-44)

Pure consciousness is the basic stuff of which this entire creation including various aspects of our being is just a manifestation. We are nothing but corrupted from of the universal consciousness. Our perception of the world, through this limited consciousness, is there imperfect. We can not even imagine (akalpita = unimaginable) the true wonder of this world unless we come out (Bahir) of this self imposed shell. The light of our pure consciousness (prakasha) is dissolved (ksayah) by purification of the mind by the practice of Samyama (Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi). Maha-Videha vrtti is that state of our mind where we transcend, through Samadhi, the normal state and plunge in the realms of intuition beyond this body (deha) mind complex.

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