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Patanjali Yoga Sutra

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Patanjali Yoga Sutra

Kramanyatvam parinamanyatva hetuh

Krama = natural law, underlying process; anyatvam = difference; parinama = changes, transformation; anyatva = difference; hetuh = cause.

The cause of the difference in transformation is the difference in the underlying process. (III-15).

An interesting experiment in physics is liked by children very much. Even elders would enjoy it. It was given in our text book like this:-

Collect following articles: a (transparent) glass which is used to drink water, a small candle and match box and pure water. Fix the candle in the center of the saucer and then light it. Pour water around it at the base till the saucer (ordinary tea saucer) is filled almost to the brim. Place the empty glass of water upside down on plate covering the candle and wait for the 'miracle' to happen. Soon the flame of candle extinguishes and the water of saucer climbs up in the upturned glass.

How this parinama (change), of water rising up against the gravity, takes place? There is a hidden law (karma) behind it. To burn, the flame consumes oxygen. The limited oxygen trapped in the upturned glass is totally consumed and as a result of this the flame gets extinguished and a vacuum is created in the glass. In nature there cannot be a vacuum. So, to fill this vacuum, water rushes up (or water is sucked up).

All the changes (Parinama) that take place in the world-physical or psychic - are governed by definite laws (karma). Therefore, strictly speaking, there are no miracles. Only things is laws pertaining to yogic or psychic realm are not demonstrable in physical labs.

But it is our day to day experience (and 'experience' is 'experiment' of inner lab) that we suffer or feel happy depending upon our good or bad action in this very world following the law "there is equal and opposite reaction to every action".

In fact, we need not wait for a future time. The very act of a bad deep like telling a lie or getting angry causes vibrations in our psyche (this is how lie detector works) and a sensitive mind can feel this disturbance. Similarly, helping others fills us, each and every one, with joy. We are responsible for all our happiness and misery because of this hidden law of nature (karma).

So, there is no 'miracle' in this world. Only things is, we don't know the 'hidden' laws. If we keep this in mind, we will not be surprised at various miracles (described in forthcoming issues) that a yogi acquires on his path to Self-Realization.

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