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Patanjalis Yoga Sutras - III-46

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Patanjali Yoga Sutra III-46

Tatah Animadi Pradurbhavah Kayasampat Tat-dharma-anabhi-ghatah-ca.

Tatah = from it (from mastery over Panca Bhutas); Animadi = Anima etc, the group of famous eight siddhis (powers) mentioned in yogic tradition; Pradurbhavah = appearance; kaya = (of) the body; sampat = wealth; Tat = of them (Panca Bhutas); Dharma = attributes, function; Anabhighatah = non-obstruction; ca = and.

Hence, the attainment of anima etc, perfection of the body and the non-obstruction of its functions by the powers of the panaca-bhutas.

The previous sutra (no.45), the present one and the next one are all connected. In previous sutra we saw how by performing Samyama on various aspects of Panca Bhutas, we can have mastery over them - that way samyama on any object- gross or subtle- brings mastery over it. The present sutra elaborates some of the benefits of mastery over Panca Bhutas (since entire manifested universe is nothing but conglomeration of Panca Bhutas, mastery over them brings mastery over whole universe). And next sutra elaborates the benefit of mastery over Panca Bhutas with reference to our own physical body.

Present sutra gives three results of the mastery over the Panca Bhutas.

1. Animadi Pradurbhavah: Appearance of Asta Siddhis - the eight siddhis or Maha Siddhis, known as:
a. Anima - making the body very small. b. Mahima - making the body very big. c. Laghima - light body. d. Garima -  heavy body. e. Prapti - getting the object of choice. f. Prakamya - fulfillment of the desires. g. Isiitva - ability to create and destroy objects, & h. Vasitva - mastery over all the matter and the five principles.

2. Kaya Sampat: Perfection of the physical body as described in next sutra.

3. Taddharmanabhighatah ca: Immunity from the natural action of the Panca Bhutas on the body. A yogi can pass through a wall - no obstruction from Prthivi or earth principle; can be unaffected by fire - agni principle; walk over the water-jala, and so on.

These are well known siddhis performed by scores of yogis of our country showing ultimately, that consciousness is the basis of the universe and any one who has the capacity to dive deep within one's own consciousness, can have mastery over the universe !

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