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Patanjalis Yoga Sutra III-47

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Patanjali Yoga Sutra III-47

Rupa-lavanya-bala-vajra-samhananatvani kaya-sampat.

Rupa = beauty; Lavanya = fine complexion; Bala = strength; Vajra-samhananatvani = very hard - like diamond; kaya = body; Sampat = treasure, perfection.

Beauty, fine complexion, strength and extra-ordinary hardness constitute the treasure of a perfect body. III-47.

"As you think, so you become" says the great thinker emerson. Our thoughts shape our body. Negative emotions like anger, jealousy, greed etc distort the appearance of the face. People with innocent tendencies e.g. artists, devotees etc who are full of Sattva have a typical soft face which is the natural beauty of the body achieved at the time of birth. Many people, like yogis of high order (Krsna etc), retain that innocence of childhood. (That does not mean they diamond as well as weapon of great god Indira).

Michael Angelo, when asked about his ability to create beautiful statues, exclaims, "I don't create anything. In each and every stone a statues is already there. I only chisel off unnecessary parts."

Similarly our body has its natural beauty, complexion as well as inner stamina. Due to stresses, tens mind percolates down at physical level, all the impurities of the body are dropped and the perfection of the body shines forth in all its glory as such. Added to that if one knows the art of mastery over Pancha Bhutas (which constitute the physical body as well), all that constitutes the treasure of the body (mentioned above) is achieved.

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