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Patanjali Yoga Sutras

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Patanjali Yoga Sutra

Tatra Pratyayaikatanata Dhyanam (III/2)

Tatra = there, in that state of mind; Pratyaya = object, content of mind; Ekatanata = Unbroken, uninterrupted, continuous; Dhyana = Meditation.

In that state of Meditation, the flow (of Consciousness) towards the objects is continuous (unbroken).

One of the favorite songs of Prashanti contains this beautiful line:

Dhyana mein tanmaya jahan, yogastha Shiva sa hai Himalaya

(The Himalayas look deep in meditation like Shiva)

This is the grandeur of our country. The art of meditation, as ancient as creation itself, is so deep rooted here that even the Himalayas (so called non-living entity) are compared with Lord Shiva sitting in deep Meditation.

To write about so popular (and, perhaps, so simple) an art is equally difficult. People have huge volumes on this seventh step ofAsthanga Yoga but that is like attractive description of a beautiful tourist place. One cannot have the joy of visiting the place just by reading about it or even by looking at the documentary videos of that place. Once has to take trouble to physically undertake the journey to feel the air of the air of the place. Meditation is a journey within to meet our own consciousness, to feel our own self.

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